Adopted by the Committee on June 1st, 2015   



Introductory note


This document is intended to set out in English, being the IWC’s official language, each of the Articles included in the association’s Statutes. Its purpose is to explain the Articles in practical terms and provide the Committee and members with a useful reference point.


The document may be modified with the approval of the Committee.


1 – Name


  • International Women’s Club of Auvergne (IWC-Auvergne).


2 – Purpose and duration


  • The IWC’s mission is to be an outreach program and social club acting as a source of contact for English-speaking women of all ages and nationalities living in Clermont-Ferrand and its surrounding region.

  • All of its activities are run by its members on a voluntary basis.The association is non-political and has no religious affiliations.

  • The Committee normally arranges regular member meetings (between September and June) to provide a point of contact.

  • At member meetings, the agenda may include an external speaker. The aim will usually be to provide members with information which is relevant to them as women living in Clermont-Ferrand, ideally with the purpose of enriching the quality of their cultural and social experience of life in France, rather than a speaker presenting solely for their own commercial benefit.


3 – Head office


  • The IWC’s head office is based in Clermont-Ferrand and can be changed by a Committee decision.

4 – Composition


  • The IWC is made up of active members, honorary members and benefactors.

  • For active members refer to Article 6.

  • Honorary membership may be given to a member by a Committee decision. The Committee will use its discretion based on individual circumstances to create honorary memberships for annual or longer periods as a way of recognising its thanks for significant individual contributions to the association.

  • Benefactors provide financial, or other, support.




  • New members are accepted into the association by the approval of the Committee, following completion of an application form and payment of an annual membership fee.

  • After a member’s approval to join the association they are also entitled to membership of the IWC’s various sub-groups and its closed Facebook group.

  • Members normally fulfill the following criteria: female, over 18 years of age and living in the Auvergne region.

  • The Committee has the right to refuse any applicant it does not consider to be appropriate.


6 – Members


  • Active membership is renewed annually (usually in September) by the payment of a membership fee at an amount which is approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • 50% fees are payable after 1 January for the rest of the membership year.

  • 100% fees are payable after 1 June for the rest of the membership year and the following year.

  • Honorary members, as described under Article 4, are exempt from the membership fee.

  • Visitors – potential members: IWC sub-group activities can normally be attended up to a maximum of 3 times by non-members prior to joining the club, so that potential new members can trial whether the activities offered by the club are of interest to them.

  • Visitors – members’ relatives and friends: IWC sub-group activities and IWC events may be attended by visiting relatives and friends, accompanied by the member, on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Facebook: The IWC’s closed Facebook group provides information on the area and updates on the club’s events. The members of the group are reviewed regularly by the Committee to ensure only IWC members are included. This ensures fairness to all members as it means that the benefits of club membership are only open to paid-up members.

  • Voluntary leavers – overseas: Those members who stop active membership of the IWC as a result of leaving the Auvergne (usually as a result of expatriates moving overseas) but who wish to continue to using the Facebook group may, subject to payment of a membership fee, remain in the group for one year (to September) after departure.

  • Advertising – personal items: An advertising service is provided to paid up members only where sales lists (e.g. furniture, vehicles), usually for expatriates leaving France, may be circulated to all active members.

  • Advertising – members’ businesses: Members are welcome to use their IWC network of contacts to advertise businesses they run personally, for example by attending monthly meetings to chat with people or by posting to the Facebook group. The Committee will not normally advertise a member’s business as this may be seen to unfairly give priority to one members business over another.

  • Refunds: The Committee will use its discretion based on individual circumstances but membership refunds are not routinely given.

7 – Resignation, removal


  • Notice of resignation from the Committee should be given by informing the Committee by letter (an e-mail is sufficient) with, ideally, one-month notice.

  • The Committee recognizes that due to the high number of expatriates in the association, the notice period may not always be achievable.

  • Individual memberships can be terminated by a Committee decision, for example for non-payment of membership fees, or if other concerns arise. Notification should be given to the member by a registered letter (an e mail will suffice).

  • The member can challenge the decision by presenting their case to the Committee.

8 – Resources


  • The IWC raises its funds primarily by the collection of membership fees from members.

  • It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that the funds are used appropriately in the best interest of the club’s members.

  • The main types of expenditure are for the club’s monthly meeting and include location hire, speaker recognitions, refreshments and member raffle gifts (door prizes). The club is also obliged to hold an insurance policy and supports regular annual events.


9 – Board of directors / Committee


  • The club is guided by a Committee which must include at least three members who are elected each year at the AGM and can then be re-elected for subsequent years.

  • The club’s members elect a group of individuals to take part in the Committee as a whole.

  • The Committee may include the roles of:


  • President

  • Vice president

  • Secretary

  • Deputy secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Deputy treasurer


  • The number and the nature of the roles can be determined at the discretion of the Committee, depending on the skills and preferences of the Committee at that time.

  • The Committee decides which of the Committee members elected at the AGM are appointed to which roles on the Committee, including approving which member will act as President.

  • If a Committee member is not available to complete the year of service they have been appointed for (for example resignation due to leaving the Auvergne, sickness, other obligations) the member’s duties should initially be fulfilled by an alternative member of the Committee.

  • If a Committee members’ duties cannot be fulfilled by another Committee member for the rest of the year, a new Committee member will be appointed whenever necessary with the approval of the club’s members.

  • All Committee members take up their roles on a voluntary basis and are not compensated financially for the time and contribution they give to the IWC.

  • Committee members’ individual personal expenses (for example for working lunches, meeting potential speakers/guests/new members) are not normally refunded.

  • The above two points also apply to sub-group leaders.

10 – Committee meetings


  • The Committee must meet at least every six months (per the statuts).

  • The Committee usually meets at least every four months, with the aim of meeting more regularly (ideally monthly) during the ‘active’ period (September to June).

  • Three Committee members are needed for decisions, by majority vote, to be valid.

  • The President has the final decision if there is no majority.

  • The Committee can approve spend of up to €1,000. Above this amount, members’ approval is needed.

11 – Annual General Meeting (AGM)


  • The AGM takes place every year in January (per the statuts) and may take place in any other month that is considered to be more appropriate by the Committee, if necessary.

  • All active members can take part.

  • A minimum of 10 attendees is needed.

  • Only members who attend the meeting are entitled to a vote, due to the constantly changing membership of the club.

  • Members must be notified of the AGM date and agenda at least 15 days in advance.

  • The President chairs the meeting and minutes are taken in English by a Committee member for signature by the President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • Members vote for the appointment of volunteers who are presented as candidates to the Committee. This can be done by a secret ballot (per the statuts) or by raised hands, at the discretion of the President chairing the meeting.

  • See Article 9 for how these Committee members are allocated roles.

12 – Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)


  • There is no requirement (in its statuts) for the IWC to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

  • If an unusual situation arose, the Committee could call a regular meeting to address the issue.


13 – Minutes


  • AGM meeting minutes are prepared in English and signed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer.


14 – Termination


  • If the IWC were to be closed, any unspent funds would be donated to one or more charitable organisations based on a Committee decision.